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So we had a road trip/rescue in October…

Hello my lost and lonely readers… lol sorry talking to myself again, it happens. So we had a situation that was looming over our heads and had been throughout the summer. You see, my better half’s oldest child needed to get back home from the East coast (Of the USA… in case my mum reads […]

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Reading old blogs and other things you poke with a sharp stick.

So I’ve been going through my drivel of the past years and feel I must apologize for the inane shit I wrote, it’s always interesting to go back and read what your mind was thinking at the time… by interesting I mean mind numbingly dull, slightly insightful as to my memory and my actions over […]

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Returning like a vegan Zombie desiring tofu brains, and other bedtime stories.

So I’ve attempted to write a blog several times, but as usual they ended up sounding preachy or just plain boring so I’m using the force on this one to catch up anyone still hovering around my bloated corpse like a well fed summer fly. I spoke of eviction in quite a few of my […]

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Apparently we had a shooting up the road this morning…

The early morning silence was shattered by the sharp explosive retort of an officers gun shattering the innocents of our neighborhood forever, we clutched each other in a panic as fear crawled across our bodies like a cancer….. Yeah bullshit. We didn’t even hear it, even though it was about 5 houses away from us… […]

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Death. Suicide, and the never ending threat of eviction.

So the year is dragging along like a bloated corpse tied to the back of an old woman’s dying scooter going up hill. I’ve been trying to change how my mind processes the world, I’ve been trying to stop being so negative to those ignorant fuckers around me that seem to think everyone wants to […]

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What to say? Where to start…

I heard years ago the old joke that for some reason still gets vomited out at gatherings and sadly even interviews when someone is asked “Tell me about yourself” without fail someone will always say “I was born at an early age” it always bugged me, but I was a kid so I kept it […]

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