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Join a Community

A place to network with like minds and similar interests. No more in-fighting or searching and struggling to find the right group or page. These communities are run by our members. By listening and adapting to what our members want and need to be successful. No restrictions (except be nice), no ads, no bots, no fees. Your community, your way. 

Join a Fellowship

We will be rolling out our new Writing Fellowships in the summer of 2023! Join a fellowship and get that novel/book/memoir/website/product published! From concept to finished product, you will be supported through each step with a group of your peers for accountability, support, and encouragement.
You got this! Now is the time!

Take a Course

Along side our fellowships each course will also be availabe as free standing lessons you can take on your own time at your own pace. Learn how to:
– Create your book cover
– Layout/format the interior
– Submit for publication
– Build your website
– Build a Book Stage

Read Our Blogs

As writers and creatives ourselves we hope you will find informative, inspirational, and sometimes just humorous ‘we get ya’ articles and stories.
If you’d like a blog yourself, but don’t know where to start, Contact Us. Have a blog already? Promote yourself! We not only encourage self promotion, we expect it!

Follow Authors & Artists

We encourage all our creatives to follow/bookmark/connect and PROMOTE.  Though our audience is targeted at creatives wanting to quit their day jobs – we would never discourage their fans from signing up and following their favorite creatives! Without you, where would we be?

Find Resources

Our web sites and communities are built as portals. A starting point to the most useful resources and tools we can find out there to help you acheive your goals.
Every link, product and recommendation comes from us and our community, the people who actually use what goes into our marketplace and our resource directories.

Browse our Libraries

Along with our Resource Directories we have something similar to a Wiki. An every growing and expanding knowledge base. Right now we are working on two:
Writers Latte – Writers Wiki and Library
Painted Llama Farms – Garden & Food Wiki

Create Your Website

In our fellowships and other courses we will teach you how to build your own personal web site; author platform, books stage, ecommerce, etc..
However, if you’d prefer to host on our network or even have us build it for you please feel free to Contact Us.

Buy Cool Stuff (it helps!)

In our marketplace you will find stuff we use and recommend (affiliates), stuff from our members, stuff our members recommend and of course stuff we create.
All members can add their creative work to the Cue Raven Marketplace.

Helping creatives turn artistic expression into a lucrative business.

If you are a dreamer, come in,
If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar,
A hope-er, a pray-er, a magic bean buyer…
If you’re a pretender, come sit by my fire
For we have some flax-golden tales to spin.
Come In!
Come In!

~Poem by Shel Silverstein
(Where the Sidewalk Ends)